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Commanding General Yahanna

Commanding General Yahanna is the "Head of the ISUPK" and the "Nation of Israel" second only to Christ; come and learn the TRUTH from the Man the Most High and Christ has ordained to gather and rebuild the 12 Tribes of the Nation of Israel...

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The Feasts of the Lord "Holy Convocations"

Friday sundown until Saturday sundown.  The seventh day of every week.  Sundown begins a new day. 

GEN 2:3 and EXODUS 20:8-11 and LEVITICUS 23:3.


Fourteenth day of the First month. (Friday, March 30th, 2018)

EXODUS 12:1-51, LEVITICUS 23:4-5, 1 CORIN 5:7-8 and 2 CHRON 30:17.


Fifteenth day of the First month for SEVEN DAYS. (Saturday, March 31st until Saturday, April 7th, 2018 sundown )

EXODUS 12:17-20 and LEVITICUS 23:6-8.


Starts after the Sabbath (unleavened bread), Sundown, Saturday April 7th, 2018. Count 50 Days. CELEBRATE THE 50th DAY. (Saturday, May 26th, 2018 start before sundown)

LEVITICUS 23:10-22.


First day of the Seventh month. (Monday 10th September, 2018 )

LEVITICUS 23:24-25.


Tenth day of the Seventh month. (Wed. 19th Sept., 2018)

LEVITICUS 23:27-32.


Fifteenth day of the Seventh month for EIGHT DAYS. (Mon. 24th Sept., 2018 & Tues 2nd Oct 2018 start before sundown)

LEVITICUS 23:34-44.


“Feast of the Dedication”Twenty-fifth day of the Ninth month, by the space of Eight Days. (Sat. 1st Dec., 2018 for EIGHT DAYS)

1st MACCABEES 4:52-61.


Fourteenth day and the Fifteenth day of the Twelfth month. (Mon. 18th Feb., & Tues 19th Feb., 2019)

ESTHER 9:20-31.


Tune in live @DTFRADIO @gazzebo11210 we live in the house on dtf radio in the mix with butter of butters basics https://t.co/uS47XjSWpx https://t.co/sgqkMDxdjZ
  @1 West ISUPK
Washington, DC Public Speaking Chinatown ISUPK 7th & H St NW Washington, DC February 16, 2018 at 01:00PM February 16, 2018 at 06:00PM https://t.co/qaHMFRDEHa https://t.co/8Usy2naHs9
  @1 West ISUPK
Have you donated to this years 49th Annual Lord's Passover hosted by ISUPK under CommandingGeneralYahanna on March 30th sundown 2 Roosevelt Blvd Yonkers, NY? https://t.co/8Usy2naHs9
  @1 West ISUPK
CROSS DA FUCKIN LINE RADIO - 1 WEST ISUPK Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge, 2279 3rd Ave, Unit C3, Harlem, NY 10035, USA February 15, 2018 at 10:00PM February 16, 2018 at 12:00AM https://t.co/DBoVn5DZOk https://t.co/8Usy2naHs9
  @1 West ISUPK
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