ISUPK Home of the TRUTH…

ISUPK Home of the TRUTH…

For thousands of years, the Lord had deprived his people of the knowledge of the Bible for their disobedience unto him.  Scattered, lost, and destroyed; Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Indians had no way to regain their true heritage and their covenant with God.  But in 1969 the once “sealed” book, or the Bible, was unsealed.  In the 1960s a man by the name of Abba Bivens, who at one time followed Judaism, study the Bible and found out that Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Indians were truly the Lost 12 Tribes of the Nation of Israel. He found out that the same people who suffered and died in slavery; and the same people who continue to suffer and die in the ghetto, where The Chosen People of God. Upon his

Upon his discovery, Bivens left his synagogue with many followers along with him. Bivens and his followers begin to teach out on the streets and try to lead black people back to their true heritage. However, Bivens was tragically murder in Trenton, NJ by Muslims while teaching. Most of Bivens’ followers, after his death, left his organization. Only seven men had the courage to continue his work. These seven were Mashah, Ahrayah, Yaiqab, Lahab, Yashiya, Shar, and Chaazaq. They would become the founders of the ISUPK Through their close examination of the scriptures, historical evidence, and inspiration given by the Most High God; these men began to shed the Jewish religion and took hold to the laws and customs of the one true God of Israel. Together they formed the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge.

When these men began to teach in the early ‘80s one of their first members was a man they called Yahanna, which means gifted of the Lord. He quickly excelled through the ranks of the ISUPK based on his zeal for the work of the Lord and his sincerity in following Yahawashi Mashayach (Jesus Christ). Throughout the years many men have risen, and many have fallen, moreover, there have been many heresies. But through it all, one man has stuck through and held on to what he was taught decades ago, that man is Commanding General Yahanna. The charge fell on him to rebuild the school and teach throughout the planet Earth that Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Indians are the true Israelites as described in the Bible. He has traveled all over the world and taught freedom to the poor and afflicted, he has also prophesized Biblical destruction of their enemies.

In the ISUPK we are educating Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Indians of their true heritage; which is comprised of the laws, statues, and commandments of the Bible. Once our people begin to follow the laws in the Bible, God, or Yahawah in the Hebrew, will look down from heaven and have mercy on us. He will also send Christ to free us from our oppression. Using the Bible, the ISUPK will fix all the problems in the Black, Hispanic, and Native Indian communities. Turning a lawless and immoral people, into a law abiding righteous people.

The true nationality of the Negroes, Hispanics, Native Indians, and West Indians of North, Central, and South America are the true decedents of the Lost 12 Tribes of the Nation of Israel, and Jesus Christ is their King.

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