ISUPK Programs

Through a framework of regionally located centers the ISUPK offers:

(The ISUPK can solve any issue within the Black, Hispanic, and Native Indians communities. Using the Bible, all of our daily issues will be solved through counseling. Below is a  list of some of our programs.)

Education (Adult and Youth):  Besides the knowledge of the Bible that the I.S.U.P.K offers, we offer other educational services at our school.  We will teach both the adult and youth not only biblical knowledge but also historical knowledge as well.  If our students need assistance in GED courses or any other continuing education, our school provides these services too.  


Job Referral:  The I.S.U.P.K now has a Job Referral Program in place to help to help members of our school obtain steady employment. Please check this link on a regular basis to see updated job opportunities. 


Food Distribution:  The I.S.U.P.K distributes food to any of our students. To ensure that all members of our school are not deprived of food, we have food distribution programs to reach our students. 


Married Couples:  Commitment, patience, and mercy towards their spouse in a marriage.  The roles of males and females are the importance of a marriage union. The conflict resolution is taught through counseling, which will attend to each person’s grievances, ultimately establishing a clear judgment in the marital issue.


Mentoring and/or Counseling:  At the I.S.U.P.K mentoring and/or counseling is provided.  We give advise our students based on the words of the Bible to ensure that they make the correct decision in their life.  All questions or conflicts that may arise for our students, we will solve them through the teachings and wisdom of the Bible. 


Sexually & Mentally Abused:  A crisis center, with an established bond, allows all victims to begin a pain-free life from a once abusive lifestyle.  Through an open-dialogue,  journal, autobiographical writing, and talking directly about the different types of abuse suffered; victim’sum’s issue will be solved. 


Single-families:  Skills, patience, and wisdom are needed to raise a family. Single-parents will be taught through the laws of the Bible and counseling on the effects of bad parenting. Also, parental support systems are available. 


Rehabilitation (Drug and/or Alcohol):  In the so-called Black, Hispanic, and/or Native Indian communities, drug and alcohol addiction is an epidemic.  Drug abuse is a common issue within our communities.  This issue can be easily solved through the knowledge of the Bible.  The consumption of alcohol is not against the Most High, but the abuse of it can propose an issue to a consumer of the substance.  If any of our students abuse the use of alcohol, counseling will be taken to confirm that alcohol will not harm any of our students.


Prison Program:  If you are in need of assistance, your family member, or your friend, the I.S.U.P.K can help one in the prison system.  The I.S.U.P.K outreach also provides teaching in the prison system as well.  Contact General Katham Gabar via email at or mail 3807 Allison St. Brentwood, MD 20722.  When sending a person’s information, please include a viable name, location of their incarnation, and their DOB.  Visit the “Contact” page for more information.

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