It's Time to Talk About Trauma

Let’s Talk About Trauma is a workbook designed with practical guides for making living your priority. It provides ways to address trauma and heal without using substances to cope. This workbook is over 100 pages filled with easy to understand language on mental health and substance abuse, unique worksheets and action-based methods to help you navigate periods of your life where you may find it most challenging. This workbook is full of resources on how to go about identifying a therapist, what questions to ask a therapist when trying to find a clinical fit as well as mental health terms broken down into basic ways to understand. This workbook also features several assessments on burnout, depression and more. This workbook serves as a precursor to seeking a therapist and can be used in therapy to further the therapeutic process. From using this work book, you will gain the confidence to seek therapy without shame and how to face life day to day without using substances to cope.

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