Religious group sued over loudspeaker protests in Philadelphia

By Kristen Butler,

A retail center asked a state court to bar racist, misogynist or homophobic protesters from congregating and spreading hate messages through a loudspeaker near its entrance in downtown Philadelphia.

Courthouse News reports that Liberty Place Retail Associates, which operates The Shops at Liberty Place, sued the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge. Retail Associates claims that since November 2012 the group has met at its entrance on Friday afternoons, using a loudspeaker to “take turns preaching hate toward whites, homosexuals and women.”

The group is quoted in the complaint using numerous slurs and expletives toward women and homosexuals, both to preach and directed at individual shoppers and passers-by. More general messages include “a woman need to shut her damn mouth,” and “a man putting his rod inside a woman is marriage according to the Bible.”

The group frequently accosts white passers-by with “white devil” and “you deserve to be hated,” and others with, “You hate the white man? So do I.”…

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